Sponsor a Meal

The Home is currently maintaining 115 children. They eat three full meals daily. The meals are balanced and nutritious, consisting of rice, dhal, vegetables, fruits, yoghurt, and fresh milk. The meals are completely vegetarian, and the dairy products come from the protected cows kept on the premises. 

When children arrive at the Home, they are typically from poor backgrounds; thus, many suffer from malnutrition. It takes a great deal of care to nurse these children back to good health, which Gokulam is eager to provide.

You can also help to these children by sponsoring a day’s meal on the special occasion of your birthday or in memory of your loved ones.

How to Donate

Sponsor a Meal
BreakfastLKR. 10,000$55 USD
LunchLKR. 20,000$110 USD
Special LunchLKR. 25,000$135 USD
DinnerLKR. 15,000$80 USD
Special DinnerLKR. 20,000$110 USD
All three mealsLKR. 35,000$190 USD
All three meals (Special)LKR. 43,000$230 USD

You can forward your donation by draft/cheque or money order to the following bank details.

Account Name : Gokulam-Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home
Bank : 
57, Sir Baron Jayatilaka Mawatha, Colombo 01, Sri Lanka
Account No :
Swift Code : 

Account Name: ISKCON
Bank: Commercial Bank (Kotahena branch), 
Colombo 13, Sri lanka
Account No: 1050669901
Swift Code: CCEYLKLX

Account Name: Bhaktivedanta Child Development Center
Bank: Hatton National Bank (Kotahena branch), 
Colombo 13, Sri lanka
Account No: 207010006183
Swift Code: HBLILKLX

contact us us for more details: iskcon@slt.lk

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